Camel Trekking

Camel trekking is one of the must do desert activities while in Merzouga Sahara desert. Riding a camel to the top of the dunes to watch a sunset and experience transportation the Berber nomad way will be one of the highlights of your luxury desert camping stay. When you spend a night in Luxury Camp Merzouga or you book a luxury desert package with us, you will have camel trekking included.

Berber Music Around the Fire

When you choose to do a luxury camping experience with Luxury Camp Merzouga, it’s not only for its magical camp, its friendly Berber team, its great food, its unique mixture between authenticity and modernity. It’s also for the opportunity it gives you to live like real local Berber people. Sitting down with your loved ones to enjoy Berber music around the fire under the shinny stars, will make you feel like you are living in a dream. Music, story telling and a very rich cross-cultural interaction awaits you.

Sand Boarding (Sand Skiing)

Take your snowboard and climb to the top of the dunes then enjoy your sandboarding experience. If you like skiing, then sandboarding will be your best desert activity. You can do as much as you want of this desert activity. The only limit is the time you will have in Luxuy Camp Merzouga. Sandboarding is included if you spend a night or you book a luxury package with us.

Quad Biking (ATV)

The most comfortable and fast way to go deeper in the dunes is quad biking / ATV. This sport activity is extra in all our desert tours. You can add it if you want. This costs 60 EUR per hour per ATV. You pay what you consume.

Desert Walking

Driving on open roads helps your think but walking on sand helps you clear your thoughts, muse your soul, vent your stress and find yourself in a moment of pure peacefulness. Sand Walking is not only beautiful and magical but it is also healthy to walk barefoot on sand. It burns calories, gives you more sense of proprioception, it’s relaxing, it boosts vitamins and minerals and much more.


Living in big, crowded and busy cities you never get the chance to take a timeout to look up to the sky and enjoy looking at the beautiful night stars and even if you managed sometimes you just cannot as the reflection of the lights of the city outshine the stars and deprives you from its beauty. But not if you are in the desert where there’s no city lights; just you and the dark sky in a magical moment of reunion with your origins.

Watching Sunset/Sunrise from up the Dunes

Enjoy the magical moment of the beautiful sunset and sunrise of Merzouga Desert on endless horizon of sand dunes. It’s a must-do activity when you go to the desert. It’s magical, breathtaking and a unique experience.


Our camp is designed with your comfort in mind. There are table sets everywhere, comfortable sofas with candles and fire lamps around, traditional freestanding awnings and much more for you to have sometime for you to relax, read a book and just close your eyes and listen to nature, dive into your thoughts or even meditate.

Romantic Dinner

Have a romantic dinner with your life partner (or future life partner) in our camp restaurant or a private set table up on the dunes with feet buried in the sand under the dark sky and shinny stars. Just you, the desert and your love. Sounds like a great proposal plan ;)


We can get you a table set far from the camp where you can see only dunes surrounding you, cook food in place or bring it with you from the camp’s restaurant with plenty of water and enjoy your picnic.